All my characters live in Swibble Swobble town, where characters have to say Swobble first before any sentence for example: ‘Swobble have you got any ham?’

Nasty Pants has created a machine to drain all the colours from Swibble Swobble. Its up to Chickpea and her fellow friends to destroy the machine to get the colours back!

My characters are linked to because the colour of them are drained and they are left black and white, they need the help of to gain there colours back. The characters are aimed at children which relate to my brief so does my storyline. My characters will also be easy to print on various stuff e.g clothing, leaflets, keyrings, magnets.

This is where all my characters live Swibble Swobble world.
 This is Swibble Swobble and the characters included.
This is my characters when their colour is drained from them.

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